Alpha Tango

A refresh of Caelor’s visual brand identity



Caelor sought a brand refresh to elevate its position in the market. As creators of products enhancing the Jira and Confluence experience, Caelor empowers users to customize and optimize their workflow. Our mission was to revamp Caelor's brand identity, focusing on their two major product lines: Jira and Confluence apps.






Derived from the Latin word for 'Sky,' Caelor inspired us to use a cloud-centric theme. The logo symbolizes both a 'C' and a rising sun. To further understand Caelor's identity, we turned to Carl Jung's brand archetypes, identifying them as both a caregiver and a creator. Balancing the role of a devoted servant, simplifying their customers' lives, and an innovator, introducing innovative products, an intriguing interplay between soft and hard elements emerges. We aimed to capture this duality in the brand identity.


To complement the logo, we crafted a custom wordmark for Caelor, featuring circular shapes reminiscent of the logo. This gives off a friendly vibe, making Caelor stand out and really embodying that caregiver role. The decision to use a black and white color scheme for the main Caelor brand - in a world filled with bold colors - is a conscious choice. It mirrors the authority of a creator archetype.


Drawing inspiration from the logo's form, we extended the design language by overlapping the logo shapes at various angles. This creates a lens flare effect, inspired by the blurry flare you see when gazing at the sun. The use of different constellations, with orange representing a ray of sunlight, adds depth to the visual identity.
A mobile mockup phone with Caelor example website
Example of a digital Caelor poster


Each Caelor product has its distinct icon or logo. By sticking to the same shape properties as the primary Caelor logo, we created a uniform visual language. These icons play an essential role in promoting specific products while upholding the overarching Caelor look and feel.


We implemented distinct color palettes for Jira and Confluence, so customers can easily distinguish them on the Atlassian Marketplace. This clear visual division enhances product recognition and reinforces Caelor's commitment to tailored solutions for each platform.
Image of shoppie brochure


Caelor has entered a new era, placing design at the core of its identity. We successfully cultivated a robust brand that distinguishes itself from competitors. With a renewed focus on design, Caelor is primed for a future marked by innovation and distinction.
Caelor tote bag
Girl wearing caelor cap in front of red background
Mockup of Caelor shirt