Alpha Tango

A brand new personalized photo card app for Hallmark US



Hallmark's in house design team partnered with Alpha Tango to design the personalised greeting card experience. Our collaboration led to the creation of a cutting-edge Print-On-Demand App, allowing Hallmark customers to create and send customized greeting cards with ease and convenience.








Hallmark inhouse team


Hallmark USA faced the challenge of meeting the growing demand for personalized greeting cards while maintaining high-quality standards. They needed a solution that would streamline the design process, enabling customers to create unique cards and have them printed on-demand.
Design of Hallmark app homescreen
Design of the discover page of the hallmark app


Alpha Tango created the design of the Print-On-Demand App, designed to transform the personalized greeting card experience for Hallmark USA. The app was developed with a focus on user-friendly design, seamless customization options all in line with the power of the Hallmark brand in the United States.

Design: Intuitive and Personalized

We designed the app with an intuitive interface, making it easy for customers to navigate and personalize their greeting cards. The design incorporated a wide range of customizable cards, fonts, colors, and graphics, allowing users to create truly unique and heartfelt cards that reflect their sentiments.

Enhanced Customer Experience and Increased Personalization

The launch of the app resulted in an enhanced customer experience for Hallmark USA serving to the entire United States market. Customers embraced the easy-to-use interface and the extensive customization options, enabling them to create truly personalized greeting cards and gave a 5 star rating.

Through our partnership, Alpha Tango successfully designed the app for Hallmark USA, transforming the personalized greeting card experience. The intuitive design and seamless customization options enhanced the customer experience and increased personalization.

The app empowered Hallmark USA to meet the growing demand for personalized cards while maintaining their commitment to high-quality standards. Together, we have revolutionized the way people express their sentiments through heartfelt greeting cards, making every occasion truly special.