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Alpha Tango, a marketing agency, partnered with NL Greenlabel, a leading organization in promoting sustainable landscapes in the Netherlands. NL Greenlabel is dedicated to creating a greener and more sustainable environment by providing certifications, knowledge sharing, and sustainable solutions for landscaping projects.


Design, branding


2022 - ONGOING

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Design: Nature-Inspired and Educational

We designed NL Greenlabel's brand identity to reflect their core values of nature-inspired design and educational content. The visual elements and messaging used in NL Greenlabel's marketing materials evoke a sense of natural beauty and environmental stewardship. The design aims to educate and inspire audiences about sustainable landscaping practices.

Positioning: Enabling Sustainable Landscapes

NL Greenlabel aims to be an enabler of sustainable landscapes by providing certifications, guidelines, and a network of professionals. They empower landscape architects, contractors, and consumers to make informed choices that prioritize sustainability, biodiversity, and environmental resilience.
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Alpha Tango's collaboration with NL Greenlabel has successfully positioned them as leaders in driving sustainable landscapes. NL Greenlabel's focus on green leadership, nature-inspired design, and enabling sustainable practices has garnered industry recognition and increased adoption of sustainable landscaping. Together, we have contributed to creating a greener and more sustainable environment in the Netherlands, promoting the importance of ecological principles in landscaping projects.
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