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Crafting Connections with Hallmark Cards Now



Hallmark is all about cherishing moments with loved ones. The Hallmark brand has become synonymous with creating special connections through thoughtful expressions, such as cards, gifts, or other meaningful gestures. 

There is a declining interest from Gen X as well as Millennials in buying and sending paper cards. In contrast to older generations, these younger groups favor digital modes of connection, such as texting or social media for staying in touch.

Hallmark Cards Now is a new app that gives you the flexibility to send an animated, personalized message instantly through digital delivery methods like SMS or email, or you can opt to have a custom paper card mailed directly to the recipient. Hallmark Cards Now helps you craft the perfect sentiment for any occasion, from wishing your best friend luck in a job interview to sending a heartfelt Mother's Day greeting.


Design, UX


2021 - 2022


A key challenge was to make the interface straightforward and user-friendly, without over-explaining the concept. We wanted to make it possible to create both digital and physical cards in an intuitive way.
We used familiar user interface patterns - such as a tabbar - and clear labels to make the app really easy to navigate, while keeping a balance between speed and the ability to endlessly tingle with the card's design. Through repeated user-tests with clickable prototypes we validated our design-assumptions to ensure a smooth user experience and course correct when needed.
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It was important to us that the card editor would be easy to use and navigate for everyone; also people who are visually impaired or have reading difficulties. This is why we performed our user-tests many times with other-abled persons and got their feedback on design improvements.


Hallmark aims to be recognized as a brand that turns important moments into lasting memories. That's why the visual design has to be both trustworthy and fun—it's about making moments special. 

The primary goal is to motivate people to unleash their creativity and convey their feelings to their loved ones. We needed to foster an environment that stimulates this creativity. Smooth animations ensure that a spark of Hallmark magic is felt throughout the app.


The Hallmark app is made using React Native and is available in the Apple App Store. It's designed to give users a great experience. You can send your photo cards through regular mail, e-mail, or text. If someone gets a digital card through their messages, they can open and see it using a link that takes them to the app without needing to download it. We didn't just test this with users—we also ran comprehensive technical checks to make sure everyone could use it. Our focus was on speed and coding it in a way that's easy for everyone to access. The goal? To make sure everyone can join in and enjoy the app!

Friendly UI Guidance

Paying attention to the details, including micro-interactions, significantly enhances the user experience. These small, yet impactful, elements contribute to making the app feel more dynamic and responsive, and giving you real-time feedback. Here are some examples below.


Even though sending greeting cards digitally might seem old-fashioned in our social media landscape, we were surprised on how well received it was by users.
Just think about social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, they're all about sharing moments. Surprisingly, people using the app really wanted to send paper greeting cards through text messages, or email. They loved it because it's free, fun, and more than just a simple "Merry Christmas" text! It might seem pretty low-tech, using tools we're already familiar with, but guess what? That's why it's loved, this is the new old-fashioned.
Most importantly, it's accessible to everyone!


Hallmark Cards Now aims to blend digital ease with the heartfelt essence of paper cards. Surprisingly, users loved the option to send paper cards digitally via text, messages, or email, as revealed through tests. This preference was praised for its cost-free, meaningful alternative to plain texts. Our visual design, balancing familiarity with fun, encouraged emotional creativity. It features smart tips and subtle animations for engaging interactions. Despite our digital age, the app's success highlighted the allure of a 'low-tech' choice, emphasizing the impact of simple, accessible design in fostering genuine connections.
Illustrations made by hallmark team

Discover the live project below.