Alpha Tango

Empowering African Landscape Restoration through Crowdfunding



Alpha Tango partnered with JustDiggit, a landscape restoration organization, to develop a concept for their crowdfunding initiative. This initiative was designed to enable individuals to establish their personal crowdfunding platform under the JustDiggit umbrella. Its primary goal was to generate funds to aid in the excavation of bunds across Africa, facilitating sustainable land restoration efforts.


Concept, Design, Development


2021 - 2022


JustDiggit aimes to fundraise for African landscape restoration. They required an engaging, easy-to-use, accessible, and fun design that would inspire people to launch crowdfunding campaigns for supporting bund excavation – a vital part of the restoration process.


Alpha Tango introduced a unified and accessible design for the JustDiggit crowdfunding campaign, empowering individuals to create fundraising platforms within the JustDiggit domain. Our solution aimed to inspire a global community, significantly impacting African landscape restoration under the renewed brand.
Mobile design of landing page for justdiggit
Mobile design of fundraiser person detail page for justdiggit
Mobile design of donate now page for justdiggit

Design: Engaging and User-Centric

We crafted a user-focused campaign that visually showcased JustDiggit's mission, underlining the significance of displaying results. The design included impactful visuals, effective storytelling, and clear calls-to-action, motivating individuals to set up their crowdfunding platforms.

Development: Customizable Crowdfunding Platform

Our development team created the crowdfunding platform within the JustDiggit domain. This platform empowered individuals to effortlessly set up fundraising campaigns, track progress towards goals, and have a clear donation overview. We ensured a smooth integration with secure payment gateways, ensuring an easy payment flow for seamless donation processing.

Global Engagement and Increased Funding

The design and development of the JustDiggit crowdfunding campaign yielded positive results. Individuals from around the world were inspired to create their own fundraising platforms, leveraging their networks to raise funds for the digging of bunds in Africa. The campaign generated increased awareness, engagement, and funding, making a tangible impact on JustDiggit's landscape restoration projects. Moreover, the campaign created a sense of community and empowerment, as people came together to support a shared cause. Participants felt a strong connection to JustDiggit's mission, knowing that their contributions directly contributed to positive change in African landscapes.


Alpha Tango's collaboration with JustDiggit resulted in a successful design and development of a crowdfunding campaign, empowering individuals to raise funds for landscape restoration in Africa. Through our partnership, we have enabled people to make a direct and meaningful impact on the environment, driving sustainable change in African landscapes.