Alpha Tango

NBrands --- Five brands under one roof



Alpha Tango collaborated with N Brands to design a branded commerce website showcasing their brand house. Our goal was to create a visually appealing and user-friendly platform that embodied affordable luxury for their five mono brands: Nikkie, Fifth House, NIK and NIK, and N Beauty.








We crafted a visually captivating design, ensuring seamless navigation and a cohesive brand experience. The website showcased the unique attributes of each mono brand while maintaining a collective strength. This approach positioned N Brands as a leader in affordable luxury, driving brand awareness, engagement, and sales.
Image of the product overview page
Image of the Nikkie landing

Captivating motion

To stand out from the crowd that’s e-commerce, we’ve implemented a captivating motion language throughout the website. We've enriched the design with scenic videos and added motion to product modules that need to stand out.

Mobile first

Since most NBrands shoppers are mobile visitors, we designed mobile first. We've taken into account how mobile shopping preferences can differ across users; which is why users can switch between a two-column and one-column grid. The former for browsing quickly, and the latter for seeing the details more clearly.


Through our collaboration, Alpha Tango successfully designed a branded commerce website for N Brands, elevating the premium brand experience. The visually appealing design and seamless navigation created a compelling platform for fashion and beauty enthusiasts. This strategy solidified N Brands' position as a desirable destination for affordable luxury, driving customer engagement and loyalty.