Alpha Tango

Online learning platform for Xebia Academy



Alpha Tango partnered with Xebia Academy, a leading provider of professional training and education in technology and digital transformation. Xebia Academy sought to enhance their online learning platform and create an engaging and immersive experience which reflects their core value; Quality without compromise.




2022 -- ONGOING


Xebia Academy faced the challenge of adapting their traditional classroom-based training programs into a digital format, while maintaining the high quality standards they are known for. They needed a comprehensive design and development solution that would uphold their commitment to quality without compromise.


Alpha Tango proposed a transformative design approach for Xebia Academy. We conducted in-depth research to understand the needs and preferences of learners and companies in a digital environment. Based on this research, we designed a user-centric platform that focused on engagement, interactivity, and personalized experiences.
Xebia Academy mobile landing design
some media modules

Design: Engaging, Immersive, and High-Quality

Our design incorporated interactive elements such as questionnaires and multimedia content to keep visitors engaged. The platform's aesthetics were carefully crafted to reflect Xebia Academy's brand identity while providing a seamless and enjoyable experience of the highest quality.

Scalable, User-Friendly, and High-Quality

We developed the platform using mulitple technologies to ensure scalability, performance, and compatibility across devices, all while maintaining the highest quality standards. The platform was built with a responsive design, allowing learners to access course materials from any device. We also implemented a user-friendly navigation system and intuitive features to enhance the learning journey without compromising on quality.
Video of mobile carousel with photo in the background

Global Experience

The engaging and immersive design, coupled with the user-friendly interface, improved the overall experience without compromising on quality. The platform is made scalable for different content and marketing teams across the globe.